Frequently Asked Questions


Who can fly balloons?

You must be licensed to fly a hot air balloon. Federal Aviation Administration regulates hot air ballooning and pilots must pass flight and written test before they can carry passengers.

How does balloon fly?

It is based on the fact that hot air rises and cool air sinks. Since the air inside the envelope (top part of the balloon) is hotter then the outside temperature, it creates the lift necessary to take off the ground.

How do you steer the balloon?

The flight direction and speed depend on the wind. At different altitudes the wind strength might be diverse and it is up to pilot to read the wind correctly.

How high do you fly in the balloon?

Usually the balloon will stay within 2000 feet of the ground. The altitude will change though few times during the flight. If our guests are not comfortable flying too high we can stay as low as at treetop level.

Where does the balloon land?

The landing sites vary according to the wind speed and direction. The chase crew being in constant radio contact with the balloon pilot is able to meet us, help to pack up the balloon and drive us back to the given point.

When do balloons fly?

Hot air ballooning depends entirely on the weather conditions. We fly in the early morning and late afternoons. This is when the winds tend to be the most favorable the sun heating the ground at midday may cause some instability and influence the wind force.